Although HPV infection itself cannot be treated, there are treatments for the precancerous cell changes caused by infection with high-risk HPV.

Treatment for HPV in the cervix If you have an abnormal HPV or Pap test, your gynecologist will perform a procedure called a colposcopy. Younger adolescents ages 9 and 10 and teens ages 13 and 14 also can receive vaccination on.

The treatment for HPV-related cancer tends to be the same as the.

Ask your doctor whether an HPV vaccine is appropriate for you.

. Dec 7, 2018 · You can prevent an HPV infection with the help of safe sex practices and the HPV vaccine. .


. Some kinds of HPV can also cause cancer of the cervix, vagina, vulva, or anus. .

. Examples of these.


Your healthcare provider can treat genital warts with prescription medication.

HPV vaccines can be administered regardless of history of anogenital warts, abnormal Pap test or HPV test, or anogenital precancer. In that case, genital warts are treated by cutting them out or burning them off.

External beam radiation used for oral and oropharyngeal cancers. A medical device that uses microwaves to destroy verrucas could provide a less invasive way of treating pre-cancers and cancers caused by human papillomavirus (HPV), as well as genital warts.

A Pap test can detect abnormal cells in the cervix, including cancer cells and cells that show changes that increase the risk of cervical cancer.

High-risk HPV can usually be easily treated before it turns into cancer, which is why regular Pap/HPV tests are so important.

The CDC recommends that all 11- and 12-year-olds receive two doses of HPV vaccine at least six months apart.

. 2 days ago · Screening and treatment for cancer are limited in Tanzania; the shot could sharply reduce deaths from cervical cancer, the deadliest cancer for Tanzanian women. In that case, genital warts are treated by cutting them out or burning them off.

. Gardasil 9 is available for females between 9–45 years of age to help prevent cervical, anal, and neck cancer that may occur from HPV types 16, 18, 31, 33, 45, 52, and 58. Human papillomavirus (HPV) is a group of more than 200 viruses that cause warts. Pap tests can detect precancerous conditions of the cervix, so they can be monitored or treated in order to prevent cervical cancer. . Does HPV go away? Find the answer to that question.

In that case, genital warts are treated by cutting them out or burning them off.

Other types of cancers, including cancers of the anus, penis, vagina, vulva and back of the throat (oropharyngeal), have been linked to HPV infection. .


Cervical cancer can be cured if diagnosed at an early stage and treated promptly.



While more than 100 types of HPV exist, only about a dozen of them are associated with cervical disease.